Turning plastic waste into raw material for social housing Benin, West Africa

Communal waste handling is one of the greatest challenges in the cities of Subsaharan region. In Benin, only about 7% of communal waste ends up in waste management facilities, while most of the non-degradable waste remains on the streets. Slum city areas have been built on waste, like the coastal parts of Benin's largest city, Cotonou. IMRO Foundation is looking into projects to significantly improve the quality of life of cities in Benin by implementing and promoting pilot solutions that could lead to significant progress and change of attitude in the management of communal waste

Our project focuses on supporting our partner municipality, Bohicon (South Benin), to turn plastic waste into social housing and/or plastic pavement by collecting, shredding and compressing PET bottles, creating pellet bricks and than build affordable houses or pavement for low-income families and communities in need. For this aim, we are determined to install a shredder equipment in Bohicon so that the local waste management company can start to adequately treat at least a smaller portion of the daily 20 tons of communal plastic waste produced by. We believe that this initiative, as a good example, can help our partners to establish a more suitable urban lifestyle and a more resilient atmosphere in Bohicon.






1 plastic shredder  = 7000 EUR





Artesian wells for clean drinking water in Benin, West Africa

According to UNICEF data, about 30 percent of Benin households in cities and 40% in rural areas has no access to clean drinking water. Water is sourced from groundwater basin but in most cases its quality of drinking water is inadequate ot the supply is disrupted due to cleaning deficiencies.
IMRO Foundation aims to provide clean water to the surface water reservoirs from groundwater (from about 60-100m deep) using the technology of artesian wells, each source providing clean drinking water for about 250 people.

Our pilot project aims to provide such wells in public squares in Bohicon (South Benin) supporting our partner municipality to increase the water supply of its 160.000 inhabitants.






1 artesian well  = 10000 EUR



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